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Raajje Delivery is a cargo handling and freight forwarding business, mainly targeting package pick-up and delivery service to customers across Maldives.

You will come to see why Raajje Delivery is the NO.1 company in the Maldives for Cargo Handling and Delivery operations.

We are operating in a challenging industry, where the only real constant is alternatives. Therefore, it is crucial to our customers that Raajje Delivery be able to steer through these challenges on your behalf in order to keep their easygoing life and your businesses running smoothly.

Our size does not inhibit our capability in this regard, and by using the solid formulas and hub concepts we have developed, we continue to be able to offer our customers this peace of mind.

At Raajje Delivery, however, we do not rest on our successes and have developed methods and tools for continuous improvement, working with our customers and partners in a collaborative way to ensure that we always strive to be the best and offer quick and optimal solutions to all of our customers – old and new – across all of our many and diverse range of opeprations.

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